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My Dear Tumblr

As This will be my last post on tumblr for a while let me share this piece of advice, that I’m sure is best suited for this demography.

Be Patient, with your goals, Life is a like a very bad internet connection, so Things will take a long time  to download (change or achieve). Be patient and stick with it, The one thing we can’t help is that time moves forward, all you have to do is stick with it. 

SO fucking stick with it

By the way the reason why this will be my last post is because i’ve decided to Start living. I’m 22 years old and i spend hours feeling bored or killing time. Website like tumblr are fun because they take away the boredom . But all you’re all doing is killing time. But why should you be killing time? why do you deserve a break? we’re fucking young.  we shouldnt be killing time. If i spent half of the hours i did on tumblr , working on something or a skil, rather it be writting, learning an intrusment , working out, biking.. what ever the fuck we want… this world is full of possibilities, all you gotta do is actually push yourself out of your control zone,at first it will be hard, but trust me, everytime thing you try that’s new is something you’ve experience, and it makes like that much more interesting.

I convinced myself because i was introverted, it was perfectly fine to do this everynight. But being introverted doesnt justify not having actual fun or living life. All it means is, i don’t like crowds or social events drains me. But i can still enjoy more intimate things like, a 20 mile bike ride in the everglade, or kayaking, skateboarding, making music. Something that actually makes me a better, or more skillful person.

Because at the end of the day all we’re doing is re blogging and licking the success, sexiness, wealth and objects of other people. 

So instead of reblogging that Lambo, Nigga stop fucking killing time, learn something , so that one day, someone will take a picture of your car and post it up ….

Tumblr was fun ;)

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Winter is coming.


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decemeber 31st 11:59 pm


january 1st 12:00am 


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It’s not 2014 until it’s 2014 in America.


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I am getting high off life :)

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wtf is this?!

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Iodine clock reaction

The awesome thing is that it changes back to clear after a period of time! (see Video). The chemistry is explained a little further below…

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Punched the physical form out this nigga.

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omg, fuck you tumblr. my mom just came to my window as i was smoking weed, and on tumblr, i saw a video, i don’t usually watch porn , but this one had thousands of notes, so im like, let me see it if was that good. and bang, guess who was there?

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Each ball weighs differently, causing each one to bounce to a specific height, and when precisely placed in the dust pans and thrown down… 2013

EVERY TIME this comes up on my dash i just sit here and stare at it FOREVERRRRRrr.


Reblog while you can, the year’s almost over D:

Someone do a 2014

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